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This article explores a personal approach to design ethics. What are my ethical and moral standpoints towards designing and interacting with the world around me?

This article has personal importance; throughout numerous articles, there has been some confusion surrounding the term ‘designer’ and whether I fit into this bracket.

By writing this article and investigating this topic, I hope to develop a more comprehensive understanding of morality and ethics in design.

Hindsight is 20/20 — Personal Ethical Dilemma

Some of the concepts discussed in this article triggered a feeling of dissonance for me. Without going too deep into the project itself, a team of design students and I were ‘challenged’ to design a product that would ‘improve the lives of an individual/ family living in Kibera’ (an informal settlement outside of Nairobi, Kenya). It seems poignant to state that no team member had ever been to Kibera, let alone Kenya. We were given several weeks to ‘research’ the issues within the settlement. …

(Understanding the rules to break them)

Ground Rules

Rule - an accepted principle or instruction that states the way things are or should be done, and tells you what you are allowed or are not allowed to…

(You Can’t)

How do you see the world?


(Do we always do the right thing?)


The crux of this discussion is the disconnection and dissonance between what you know to be the action you should be taking and the action you will realistically take. Furthermore, how does that apply to designers? This begs the question: do designers know what they need to do? Or equally what they should do? Are there large groups of designers out there that are well educated and versed in designer (see the previous article), but despite this, they will not choose the…

(Does being educated and literate make you a designer?)

Student of Design or Design Student

While exploring the landscape of design, in the hope of finding a position within the wasteland the term ‘student’ was raised. Specifically, the tone in which Norman Potter uses it “by the word ‘student’, therefore, I mean those who still question what they are doing, and ask why”. By this definition I find myself being a student of design (if only for writing these articles). However, there is a crucial difference between being a student of design as Potter suggests and simply being an individual studying design in an institution (student). Therefore, this starts a discussion concerning the difference between…

(…Do I?)

What is a designer?

The term designer is used frequently, but it is a term easier said than defined. This is one reason why it is so difficult to…

Josh Bunn

A student of design currently studying MA Sustainable Design at the University of Brighton, I suppose I could be called a designer? (Unsure what that means yet)

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